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Quality systems

Quality systems - The model of the healthy human nutrition currently being created in the society creates the reality. Consumers expect the food they buy to actively increase their vitality, keep them in better condition, make them look more attractive and feel better. All these make the challenge to strive to fulfill the new consumer’s expectations and preferences. The use of modern biotechnological processes in relation to the health value of manufactured products is a new view of technologists towards the needs and expectations of society.

On the behalf of the highest quality and safety of consumption, the company scrupulously analyzes not only its finished product, but also every step in its production process as well.

The strategy of the Cooperative's Management Board, expressed in the company's Quality Policy, is a continuous improvement of its market position. This is proceeded through the implementation of obligations resulting from the implemented Quality Management System. Obtaining the certificate for the integrated system based on the requirements of the ISO 9001/2000 standard and on the principles of product health safety – HACCP  is the confirmation of the high-quality production status.

The high market standard of the products is the guarantee of: safety, nutritional value, organoleptic features and durability of dairy products. - "Food Safety Certificate"