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OSM Krasnystaw

OSM Krasnystaw buys milk from over 2,000 suppliers from all districts of the Lubelskie Province.

The company has nearly 600 employees,and processes 160 million litres of milk per year, increasing its revenue at a rapid pace.

As the region`s leading dairy producer, OSM Krasnystaw is constantly investing in growth. By introducing innovative solutions and technologies, it enhances its products to push the envelope in terms of quality.

Zakład produkcyjny OSM Krasnystaw
Over 100 years of tradition
GMO-free products
Long-standing charitable traditions
Partner of the Lubelskie Brand
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Kefir 400 G with the Trade Hit 2020 certificate!
As many as 1,200 retailers from all over the country decided to distinguish the most popular products in Polish stores.
Buttermilk with the Influencer's Top 2020 award!
We are pleased to announce the award in the food category - buttermilk dairy products.
Jogofrut with the Influencer's Top 2020 award!
We are glad that the jurors of the Allaboutlife competition appreciated our product, which confirms its high quality.
OSM Krasnystaw has been producing yoghurts, cheese, cottage cheese, tasty sour milk and many other products from the real cows milk for almost a century. Known not only on the local market, but also all over Poland, the Dairy Cooperative from the Lubelskie Voivodeship focuses on the traditional products with its flavors loved by all generations.
OSM Krasnystaw is the company with a past
OSM Krasnystaw has been operating since the second decade of the 20th century. Today it collects milk from over 1,300 suppliers from all districts of the Lublin Province. It is a dynamic company that employs hundreds of people and processes millions of liters of milk. As one of the largest production plants is therefore an important factor in the development of the region, and the products from the Krasnystaw district dairy cooperative are known in almost every Polish home. OSM Krasnystaw, although proud of its tradition, is constantly investing in its development. The production is based on very modern solutions and technologies from the 21st century. Thanks to this facts, the products from the Krasnystaw dairy are excellent, of the highest quality, but still "as they used to be", namely: healthy, delicious and very natural.
A wide range of dairy cooperative products
Krasnystaw Dairy offers all dairy products ideal for the whole family. One can find packages with the OSM Krasnystaw logo including:
  • natural yoghurts,
  • fruit yoghurts,
  • drinkable yoghurts,
  • sour milks,
  • buttermilk,
  • kefirs,
  • hard cheeses,
  • curd cheeses,
  • butter,
  • milk for drinking and food preparation,
  • esserts based on yoghurts, cheeses and cottage cheese
  • creams of different fat content" in numerous stores in our country .
Why is it worth eating dairy products?
The district dairy cooperative provides its dairy products in the form of milk, cottage cheese, cheese, butter and kefir. These products are suitable for children, adults and seniors. They taste delicious, but also provide essential nutrients for life.
Contain vitamins A, B, D and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, and fluorine
Dairy fat is easily digestible, and milk sugar - namely lactose, facilitates the absorption of calcium.
Fermented products: yoghurt, kefir, buttermilk, sour milk, have a very beneficial effect on the digestive system and regulate digestive processes.
There is a protein in dairy products, which is a building block of muscles and tissues, which is a carrier of oxygen, vitamins, a component of enzymes and hormones.
Everyone who wants to take care of health and well-being should reach for milk products. People who have a problem with the absorption of lactose do not have to give up OSM Krasnystaw products. Clarified butter, ripening cheeses, natural yoghurts, kefirs, and cottage cheese are often very well digestible and do not cause flatulence or stomach pain.
Krasnystaw – the Polish brand
The secret of the products of OSM Krasnystaw are carefully selected raw materials that come from farmers from the clean areas of the Lublin Province. This enables the production of high-quality dairy products in plants that fulfill the highest standards of cleanliness. These products are appreciated by the local entrepreneurs, not only by the catering industry, but also the individual customers who choose those products from the Krasnystaw dairy during their everyday shopping as well. When you make shopping, check for dairy products from your favorite dairy on the shelves of your favorite store.