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Drinking yoghurt

"Joguś" drinking yoghurt has an excellent taste, refreshing and health properties. It contains probiotic bacteria that have a beneficial effect on the digestive process. In addition, they improve the absorption of lactose by people suffering from its intolerance.

Are you looking for a tasty and healthy snack? Do you always want to have your favorite yoghurt in your bag, backpack, car or bicycle basket? OSM Krasnystaw drinking yoghurts are perfect combination of natural, healthy yoghurt with the taste of various fruits. The light, comfortable, closed bottle contains a drink that refreshes, gives energy and soothes the desire for unhealthy, fattening snacks.

Drinking yoghurt instead of a snack bar?

It is very difficult to have free time today. We constantly run somewhere, combine work and home duties, spend many hours in traffic jams while there is no time to eat something valuable. Active people have very busy schedule, but they have to eat. Therefore, in the store, they look for something that can be picked up and eaten quickly, filling the stomach, but also relieving the weakness and strengthening concentration. Sometimes they choose a snack bar, cookies, buns, but such meals are not fully valuable and eating them too often can have very negative impact on well-being and weight. The above mentioned do not contain, among other things, proteins, which perfectly rebuild tired muscles, but they contain a lot of carbohydrates, little vitamins and minerals. Therefore, they are not the best solution after running training or in the gym. Each Krasnystaw drinking yoghurt has health-promoting probiotic bacteria in its composition. Probiotic bacteria turn heated cow's milk into yoghurt, but their main advantage is a beneficial effect on the human digestive system. They improve the functioning of the intestines and increase the body immunity. They make us digest food well and excrete unnecessary metabolic products. If you suffer from constipation, diarrhea or overweight, yoghurt with probiotic bacteria will help you deal with these problems. OSM Krasnystaw products contain the following vitamins: riboflavin (B2), B6, B12 and live yoghurt bacteria cultures and cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5, Bifidobacterium BB-12.

Drinking yoghurt flavors

Drinking yoghurt is recommendable and extremely tasty. OSM Krasnystaw drinking yoghurts are available in many stores, they come in very interesting and traditional flavors, they are closed in a bottle that is easy to carry and drink. You can take them with you without fear that they will spill allover your bag or backpack. We recommend such popular flavors as: strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, peach, but also drinking yoghurts with the taste of pomegranate, mint, kiwi, plum, apple and aloe. You can try them all enjoying a filling and healthy drink. You don't have to keep the closed bottle in the refrigerator all the time. You can take it to work, on a trip, give your child to school if he or she is bored with sandwiches or you haven't had time to make them. The drinkable yoghurt can also be mixed with breakfast cereals of any taste.

Where can you buy Krasnystaw drinking yoghurt?

At OSM Krasnystaw, we have been producing products from cow's milk since the 1930s. Our dairy offer includes not only drinking and traditional yoghurts, but also hard cheese, white cheese, cream, kefir, and homogenized cheese. They are all made in a modern plant but on the basis of the to proven, traditional recipes. You can find our drinking yoghurts in local stores, large retail chains and food wholesalers. Look for them in cold stores. If you are interested in cooperation with a dairy producer, we are open to it. We deliver cow's milk products to stores and wholesalers all over the country.