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Soured milk

Soured milk drunk straight from a clay jug, eaten with young, boiled potatoes, pies or pancakes, these are just some of the suggestions for using a drink that our grandmothers remember very well. It is a delicacy that is created as a result of the natural fermentation of natural, fresh milk without additives. It can only be made when the milk is not pasteurized. Soured milk Krasnystaw is a reminder of the flavors of the past. The perfect drink for a warm day and the basis for many traditional, healthy, light dishes.

Soured milk - a traditional product

Soured milk is still popular and can be bought in the stores, although it is not as popular as yogurt. It would probably become a relic of the past if there were not  its faithful fans and the fact that we have been successfully producing it for years and it is available in many stores and served in bars and restaurants in the form of cocktails, potatoes with soured milk or pancakes. Some people like to eat pieces of curdled milk, others blend it into a smoothie. It is delicious in every form! However it is difficult to make it yourself at home. Soured milk is made from fresh, unpasteurized cow's milk which is practically unavailable in stores. The Krasnystaw soured milk consists of only milk and natural bacteria that contribute to the sour taste of the product and increase its density. Sour milk can be stored for up to several days as long as it is kept in the refrigerator.

The effect of soured milk on health

Soured milk is irreplaceable in the diet and it is a popular source of protein and calcium. It is primarily a source of lactic acid and many vitamins: A, B, K and D. It also contains a lot of potassium and phosphorus. Thanks to the valuable lactic acid bacteria it also affects the proper metabolism. It is recommended for people with digestive system disorders and convalescents. It is recommended to drink soured milk in the period of reduced immunity. The drink ensures the proper development of body cells, protects the intestinal bacterial microflora, prevents diarrhea and constipation and alleviates allergy symptoms. Even people with lactose intolerance can drink it. It is worth reaching for the Krasnystaw soured milk during antibiotic therapy.

Soured milk in the kitchen

Soured milk is a low-processed product, ideal for use in the kitchen. It is worth going back to tradition and serving it with fresh boiled potatoes, in the form of cold soups with cucumber and beetroot, and pancakes that become more fluffy under the influence of milk. It is an ideal product on the basis of which you can make sauces for Greek-type meats. It can be drunk without additives or mixed with fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, apples, bananas and sweetened with natural honey. Soured milk will also perfectly alleviate skin irritation caused by too intense sunbathing. And because 100 grams of the product contains only about 56 kcal, it is a great substitute for sweetened desserts and yoghurts that are eagerly used by people on a slimming diet.

Where can you find the soured milk Krasnystaw?

Our soured milk in a bottle and in a bowl can be found in the fridges of many grocery stores and wholesalers. There are many ways to use it so don’t wait and try today. It is also served in eateries or added to food products. If you are a representative of a wholesaler, shop or distributor and you want to introduce our soured milk to the offer we encourage you to contact us and cooperate.