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Milk from Krasnystaw is the highest quality natural product prepared in a modern dairy plant, where dairy products have been created for decades. It has unique taste and nutritional values and the functional packaging guarantees comfort when buying and storing it. It is an excellent hot and cold drink with various additives, a valuable component in the diet of children and adults. It is difficult to imagine Polish cuisine without milk and its consumption is important for physical and mental development and well-being.

Milk - a valuable drink

Milk is a valuable source of nutrients, especially vitamins, minerals and fats, in which these ingredients dissolve and they are easier to digest. In milk there are, among others, vitamin B and phosphorus responsible for the functioning of the brain and the preservation of energy. Milk is a valuable source of protein, the building block of our body without which we are is simply unable to function. Milk is also drunk because of the calcium that builds up bones and teeth. Consuming milk protects against joint degeneration and osteoporosis, strengthens the teeth and helps to protect the enamel and prevents gum disease. Vitamin A has a positive effect on the eyesight. It is also a natural remedy for heartburn, i.e. a burning sensation in the throat and chest, and a way to lower blood levels and normalize cholesterol. Vitamin D, which is not lacking in milk, strengthens the immune system. Natural probiotics are also helpful during the fight against germs. Drinking milk is very important for children because it affects the development of the brain, muscles, growth and regeneration of the body. Sometimes it is worth replacing water with milk especially after intensive physical training when an injection of electrolytes, including potassium and sodium, is necessary.

When should we drink milk?

Milk is worth drinking at any time of the day. In the morning it adds energy, during the day it soothes the hunger that we can feel between meals and replenishes energy reserves, in the evening it reduces stress, relieves falling asleep, contributes to the production of serotonin, therefore it soothes the nerves and improves mood. It is also worth reaching for milk when we feel unwell. A warm drink with a little honey and butter or even garlic will soothe a sore throat and help cure coughs. Milk can also be used externally, in the form of a cosmetic, by adding to baths or self-made masks for the face, hands and feet. It softens the skin and improves its elasticity, adds brightness. It also strengthens the hair. People with lactose intolerance are encouraged to reach for yoghurt or Krasnystaw milk cheese. They are delicious, full of vitamins and minerals, but do not contain a large amount of lactose so they are easily digestible and easily digested even by people sensitive to allergies.

Krasnystaw - milk for every day

Krasnystaw milk is available in full-fat and partially lean form. It is packed in handy bottles with a tight screw cap so you can easily store them in the refrigerator or pantry. Suitable for drinking cold, heating, cooking and making desserts. It tastes great with fruits or cocoa, you can use it to make your own homemade preserves for example yoghurt. It does not contain any flavor additives, preservatives or dyes it is a traditional product from the green regions of the Lublin region. You can buy milk from OSM Krasnystaw at your local store, supermarket, food wholesaler. It is delivered to retail chains throughout our country, as well as to gastronomy.