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Buttermilk from OSM Krasnystaw is a refreshing milk drink with a mild taste. The natural buttermilk is the remain after the fat particles are separated from the cream by churning the butter. It is valuable in terms of health, taste, perfect without additives and with fruits. It is made of Polish milk from cows raised in the green areas of the Lublin region. It is a unique product chosen by people who care about health and well-being.

It's worth drinking buttermilk

Our fruit and natural buttermilk are high-quality, easily digestible milk drinks. The most valuable advantage of buttermilk is its low fat content. Contrary to its name, it does not contain butter. It consists mainly of water, lactose and milk protein casein. It is pasteurized and has the addition of live bacteria cultures. It is therefore ideal for people who care about their figure. The great value of buttermilk is lactic acid, which not only affects its taste, but also extends its use-by date. It is the result of fermentation and makes buttermilk much thicker than milk and at the same time it is better absorbed even by people who are particularly sensitive to lactose.

Buttermilk nutritional values ​​

Buttermilk contains the same amount of B vitamins as milk. They are all important for the proper functioning of our body. One glass of this drink in the natural version provides less than 100 kcal, protein, little fat. It covers up to 22% of the calcium needed to build teeth and bones. It is a source of phosphorus and vitamin D and full fat buttermilk also provides a large dose of vitamin K. All these vitamins and minerals strengthen the skeletal system and prevent degeneration such as osteoporosis. Buttermilk gives a feeling of fullness for a long time after consumption and because it is low in calories it is perfect for people on a slimming diet.

How to use buttermilk in the kitchen?

We produce buttermilk in several versions in OSM Krasnystaw. The basic one is natural buttermilk, i.e. without any flavor additives. It is perfect for baking cakes, pies, for pouring young, boiled potatoes or just for drinking. You can add fruits, honey, sweeteners to it or you can mix it with cucumber, beetroot, herbs and serve as a refreshing drink. We also recommend flavored buttermilk. It is nothing more than real buttermilk made of milk from Polish cows mixed with fruits. Blueberry, peach or strawberry are perfect for dessert, lunch and you can drink it  when you are thirsty We sell some buttermilk in handy bottles so you can give them to your child to school and on a trip, take them on a trip or on the way to work. Instead of a sweet bar, bun or sweetened orangeade it is better to drink buttermilk which will stop your hunger and not provide as many calories as ordinary snacks. More than once the taste of Krasnystaw buttermilk convinced children and fussy eaters to eat dairy products!

Where can you buy Krasnystaw buttermilk?

We have been producing natural and fruit buttermilk Krasnystaw for many years in our modern plant according to traditional recipes. We operate in the Lublin region but the dairy products from our offer are available in many stores throughout the country, in wholesalers and retail chains of well-known brands. We are still open to cooperation with distributors, wholesalers and restaurants to whom we offer our excellent products. You can buy hard cheese, cottage cheese, yoghurt, milk and cream in many versions, but always delicious, fresh and appreciated by customers.