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Hard cheeses

Hard cheeses  known as yellow cheeses are being loved all over the world. In OSM Krasnystaw we prepare them for all those who make sandwiches, prepare casseroles and pizzas and appreciate high-quality dairy products. Yellow cheese is not only tasty but also healthy, has got a long shelf life, it is a universal addition to sandwiches and dry pastries and a snack that perfectly matches cold meats, fruits, nuts and wine.

How are the hard cheeses made?

The beginnings of hard cheese production are closely related to the domestication and breeding of animals and reach 8000 years BC in the process of their production. We use proven and strictly protected recipes. It is worth knowing that in the case of Cheese Zamojski the recipe was developed in a plant in Zamość. Due to the highest production standards hard cheeses from Krasnystaw meet the expectations of even the most demanding consumers. Yellow cheese is made from milk. In the case of OSM Krasnystaw it is cow's milk from local suppliers who keep their cows in the Lublin region. Yellow cheeses mature for a long time, they can be stored for many months and their color is mainly due to vitamin A.

Advantages of hard cheese

Of course the first advantage is the delicious taste, the second is the versatility of hard cheese. However yellow cheese also has many health benefits but it is not a dietary product. Most of all  it's an excellent source of calcium - as one slice of cheese can contain as much calcium as a glass of milk has. It is also a large portion of protein. Therefore eating cheese is good for strengthening bones and teeth, stimulates tissue renewal and regenerates after heavy physical exertion. Yellow cheese also stimulates the production of saliva which helps to maintain the correct pH in the mouth which in turn slows down the production of plaque and calculus. Hard cheeses have practically no carbohydrates so they are recommended to people who are on fat-based diets. They can be eaten by gourmets who are lactose intolerant.