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Butter is a traditional addition to dishes in the cuisines of many countries all over the world. Nobody can imagine Italian lasagne without a béchamel sauce, a French breakfast without butter croissants or bonfire potatoes without a bit of fat. Butter is versatile, creamy and even if greasy it provides vitamins that are important for life. We recommend OSM Krasnystaw butter for every day because it is made of real cream, which is collected from cow's milk.

Butter in the kitchen

You will certainly appreciate the smell of fresh cream that appears as soon as you take OSM Krasnystaw butter out of the refrigerator. It is perfect for making sandwiches as well as short frying dishes. It is suitable for the preparation of sauces, roux and cakes. Butter is a condensed milk fat that separates when the cream is skimmed. Without it it is difficult to imagine many classic dishes because butter, as an easy-to-produce fat, gives moisture, creates a creamy smell and improves the consistency of dishes. You will use it for baking as well as pour melted butter on noodles, dumplings, vegetables, you will make your dishes aromatic and tasty. Choose the natural products, butter without added aromas, preservatives or artificial colors. The one from OSM Krasnystaw contain only cream. And the milk from which the cream is made comes from cows raised in the Lublin region, the green region of Poland. It has a delicate, unique flavor and spreads well. Just take it out of the fridge just before breakfast.

Whey butter

OSM Krasnystaw, in addition to Butter Extra, also produces whey butter which is produced by separating cream from whey. Such butter is perfect for baking, cooking and pouring dishes, it melts perfectly. It is a common ingredient in sweets.

Why is it worth eating butter?

For many years consumers have been afraid of eating butter due to its high fat content. However it turns out that eaten with moderation it does not harm and is a natural product unlike many margarines and blends of butter with hardened vegetable fats. And a natural product always has an advantage over the one created in a laboratory. The short-chain fatty acids contained in butter are quickly burned by the body and do not accumulate in the form of adipose tissue. They can even speed up metabolic processes. They are important for the nutritional processes of the intestinal epithelial cells, provide energy, have anti fungal and antibacterial properties. CLA contained in butter has anti-cancer properties, inhibits the development of diabetes, has anti-inflammatory and anti-atherosclerotic properties. High-quality butter provides vitamins A, D, E and K which are best absorbed in fatty meals. Consumed in moderate proportions it does not cause weight gain nor is it a cause of illness. If you like to eat tasty better give up sweets and foods containing simple carbohydrates and take advantage of the fact that butter improves the taste of many meals.

Butter from OSM Krasnystaw

Choose butter without any flavors, preservatives or coloring for sandwiches, baking and cooking, . The perfect butter is the butter produced in the Krasnystaw dairy. It is high-quality, creamy, delicious and without any additives. You will find it in the grocery stores and wholesalers throughout the country. Store in the refrigerator and eat it before their use-by date exceedes.