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Cold soup

Fresh, vegetable scent, slightly sour taste with a hint of dill. Old Polish flavor in the version from Lublin  - this is the refreshing cold soup from the Krasnystaw dairy cooperative. Ten traditional, timeless products can be served with potatoes or drunk cold. It is aromatic, made from milk from Polish cows. It has a perfectly balanced taste and resembles the traditional products of our grandmothers.

Ready-made cold soup from OSM Krasnystaw

What is cold soup? This is soup served cold, popular especially in southern countries made for example from tomatoes. In our rregion it was also very popular, made usually on the basis of kefir, buttermilk, yoghurt with the addition of fresh cucumbers or beetroot, often with both of these vegetables at the same time. It is a tasty, light, refreshing, low-calorie soup that gives you energy for a new day. Perfect when it is very hot and you don’t want anything heavy to eat.

Why is it worth reaching for a cold soup?

Cold soup is delicious, healthy and perfect during hot days. The preparation does not take much time, but not everyone wants to eat vegetables, cut them and combine them in perfect proportions. Cold soup from OSM Krasnystaw available in a form of a drink and in a bowl – these are the products that make the excellent dinner. One portion of a cold  soup  in hides vitamin and protein and it is also excellent for those who had too much alcohol the day before. You can drink cold soup from the cup, from the bowl a bowl, you can pour the fresh boiled potatoes, add the herbs and it with the boied eggs.  It is an excellent product that can make the basic meal or be the addition to it.

Cold soup made of fresh vegetables based on Polish milk strengthens the body, regenerates it and keeps it in good condition thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains. It is a good source of protein, the basic building block of tissues and muscles. It is worth drinking cold soup after sports training to regenerate and quickly get back in shape. Cold soup contains phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, which builds bones and teeth, and also contains vitamins A, C, B1, B2 and niacin. It is also excellent for people during and after antibiotic treatment because it helps to restore the bacterial flora in the intestines, prevents diarrhea and regulates the digestive system. It is also low in calories and filling, so it should be reached by people who are dieting or want to maintain a shapely figure. A large amount of fiber is responsible for the feeling of long-lasting satiety.

Where can you find the Krasnystaw cold soup?

Cold soup keep you cool, helpx you survive the hottest heat, your thirst, refreshes you and it can be an antidote to hangovers and dehydration. If you want to try Krasnystaw cold soup go to your local grocery store, market or warehouse. If you run a shop, wholesale or catering point, you can start cooperation with OSM Krasnystaw and introduce to your offer not only our excellent cold soup, but also kefir, buttermilk, yoghurt, white and yellow cheeses. All Krasnystaw products are made of cow's milk from producers from the Lublin region.