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Dessert yogurts

W OSM Krasnystaw od wielu lat produkujemy nabiał z polskiego, krowiego mleka. W naszej ofercie znajdziesz więc mleko do picia, kwaśne mleko, różnorodne sery i twaróg, ale także jogurty. Jogurty naturalne doskonale sprawdzają się w kuchni, jogurty deserowe zaś, zastępują tuczące i niezdrowe przekąski. Za każdym razem, gdy masz ochotę na coś słodkiego, zastanów się, czy nie lepiej wybrać pełnowartościowy jogurt wymieszany z owocami zamiast słodkiej bułki lub batona.

Valuable properties of yogurt

One cup of yogurt a day increases the body resistance to various diseases. Immunity is closely related to the health of our intestines and those function better when they have a healthy bacterial flora. It should be supplemented, especially when we are sick and while we take antibiotics. Doctors recommend that even up to 6 weeks after the end of the treatment one should daily provide the organism with a portions of wholesome strains of pro-health bacteria.

Eating yogurt reduces the risk of high blood pressure because it lowers cholesterol, regulates digestion and hormones. They can also be used by people with the risk of diabetes, those who are overweight and those who are on a diet. yogurts are also a valuable source of proteins calcium, vitamins and minerals.

Dessert Yogurts

To make sweet yogurt, we first need to produce the natural yogurt. It is made during the process of heating the milk. Adding  the special bacteria turn it into thick, slightly sour yogurt. Such product is perfect for eating and for use in the kitchen. Even people with lactose intolerance can eat it because milk sugar is eliminated by the fermentation process. In the past, yogurt was sold only in pharmacies, treated as a medicine for many ailments, especially those related to digestion. Eating yogurt today is much simpler, because we can buy it in each grocery store, and reaching for it should become a part of everyone's daily habits.
Dessert yogurts are natural yogurts with flavorings. They are sweet, creamy, delicate, perfect to eat with a spoon, a piece of bread or a cookie. They can replace popular sandwich creams, jams and are perfect for pancakes and pies. You can also prepare cold cheesecakes from them. Dessert yogurts from OSM Krasnystaw are available in many interesting flavors. A lover of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, vanilla and cherries will find their favorite dessert. These types of products should be treated as snacks that will perfectly replace the fatty and extremely fattening ones.

OSM Krasnystaw – the producer of yogurts

We have been producing dairy products from cow milk since the 1930s. Our specialties are: kefirs, hard cheeses, cottage cheese, drinking milk, but also sweet snacks based on cheese and yogurt. We offer dessert yogurts with fruits, perfect for every day for people of all ages. Krasnystaw products can be found in fridges in  stores all over Poland. We deliver them to local stores and huge wholesalers, we successfully cooperate with restaurants and schools. We are open to the implementation of small and large orders. Krasnystaw dairy is made on the basis of traditional, proven recipes in very modern plants that meet the highest standards.