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Cow's milk products have been valued for centuries. They are tasty, have protein and calcium, vitamins essential for life. However they are not always suitable for people with lactose intolerance. However, kefir, which contains significant amounts of live cultures of bacteria and kefir yeast is easily digestible and well tolerated even by people with lactose intolerance. It can be drunk cold or added to various dishes and it will always benefit your health.

Kefir - a drink for people who care about health

Kefir has a thick, creamy texture and tastes similar to natural yoghurt although it smells slightly yeast and tends to be more acidic. Since it is not as smooth as yogurt it is a good idea to mix it a bit before drinking it to perfectly blend the lumps with the whey. Kefir seems slightly carbonated because it contains small amounts of carbon dioxide which is released by the fermentation process. Our kefir is a milk drink with the highest nutritional properties. We also recommend it to athletes because kefir accelerates muscle regeneration, reduces fatigue and increases muscle endurance. Including kefir in your daily menu is a simple and effective way to provide your body with probiotics and speed up intestinal peristalsis. The greatest value of kefir is the friendly lactic acid bacteria that support the colonization of the intestines. These bacteria are necessary for the body to properly digest, absorb vitamins and minerals and excrete waste products. Properly functioning intestines do not only mean no problems with constipation or diarrhea but also a higher resistance of the body to diseases. Kefir provides calcium, protein and vitamins, incl. from group B, as well as vitamin K.

The use of Krasnystaw kefir in the kitchen

Drinking kefir from OSM Krasnystaw, a natural drink produced on the basis of cow's milk from the Lublin region, has a great effect on the functioning of the digestive tract but also helps in losing weight and maintaining a slim figure. It is high in nutrients with only 50 kcal in 100 ml of kefir. It reduces the urge to snack and reduces thirst so you can eliminate sweet juices and drinks from your diet. It fills the stomach so you won't reach for a sandwich, snack bar or Chinese soup when you feel hungry. Kefir is perfect to drink straight from a bottle or cup but it is also an excellent base for fruit cocktails, breakfast cereals, cold coolers with vegetables. Added to baked dough, bread, pancakes and pancakes, it improves their consistency and increases their growth.

Where can you buy OSM Krasnystaw kefir?

We produce kefir Krasnystaw from cow's milk from local farmers in the Lublin region and we sell it in grocery stores throughout Poland. It is packed in a handy bottle that you can take with you on a trip and in cups which are great if you want to use kefir at home or drink it straight away. Tastes best when cold. We will be happy to cooperate with all dairy recipients: distributors, food wholesalers, chain stores and catering establishments in the supply of our products. In addition to the excellent, low-calorie kefir we recommend our hard cheeses, cottage cheese, cream, natural and fruit yoghurts. The taste of OSM Krasnystaw products refers to tradition, and all products are manufactured in a modern plant that has been valued for several dozen years.