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Desserts - Not every dessert has to be fat and unhealthy. You don't need to buy caloric snack bars to feel sweet and help to improve your mood. The homogenized cheese which we have been producing in OSM Krasnystaw for many years in very different flavors is perfect for that. Tasty, valuable cheese will ease the craving for something sweet and soothe hunger. It will meet the tastes of the most demanding lovers of milk snacks.

Homogenized cheese - an exceptionally tasty dessert

Dessert and homogenized cheeses are made for people who pay particular attention to a healthy lifestyle. Their fresh and light, characteristic fruit and vanilla flavor will make it the best snack at any time of the day. It is an ideal addition to sandwiches, pancakes, and because it is thick you can eat it even on a piece of bread, biscuit or rice waffle. Homogenized cheeses have been known for a long time but those from OSM Krasnystaw have many surprising flavors. Not only the taste is their advantage. Cheese is a source of easily digestible milk protein and calcium - the basic building blocks of bones and teeth. It has less lactose than milk so it is better digested by people who suffer from hypersensitivity and feel unwell after drinking milk. The product has a moderate level of fat higher than that of yoghurt but fat is necessary for the absorption of certain vitamins, for example vitamin D. It contains much less calories than popular sweets. It is worth replacing the cake, bar or ice cream.

How is homogenized cheese made?

Homogenized cheese is made of delicious curd cheese which after being carefully ground becomes smooth, fluffy and delicate in taste. Mixing and grinding the curd make it to a homogeneous, thick consistency. You can add fruits, chocolate, vanilla and other ingredients to such a product that make it sweet and take the form of a milk dessert.

Homogenized cheeses in every kitchen

We recommend homogenized cheeses for eating with a spoon or as a spread for sweet bread and pancakes. You can also treat it as a separate meal, sprinkle it with cereals, dried fruits and nuts. It is also the basis of unique, dietary desserts such as cold cheesecakes, puddings and tiramisu. It is also perfect for making tiny donuts put fried on a fat . We pack the cheeses in handy boxes with tight closures so you can always have it in hand. You can give your child homogenized cheese to school if he or she is bored with sandwiches. It is worth taking it with you on a trip and to work. It is tasty, energizes and improves the mood when we feel an irresistible urge to eat something sweet.

Homogenized cheese flavors

At OSM Krasnystaw we create the best milk products from Polish cows. We are producer of hard and cottage cheese, cream, kefir, yoghurt as well as homogenized cheese. Our offer is distinguished by a huge variety because in addition to the typical flavors: vanilla, strawberry, blueberry we offer chocolate, orange or with the addition of colorful balls. You can find them in stores all over the country, both in small, local and large supermarkets. We are open to cooperation with chain stores, distributors and wholesalers, we ensure regular deliveries of excellent dairy products.