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Natural Yoghurt

"Ya-urt" - in Turkish means "sour milk". The yoghurt is slightly sour, thick and perfect for everyday use. It is a universal snack, but also an addition to cold and hot dishes. OSM Krasnystaw yoghurts are made of the best milk that comes from the "green" areas of Lublin region. These products are rich in ingredients such as: live bacteria cultures, calcium, amino acids and B vitamins.

Natural yoghurt from OSM Krasnystaw

Krasnystaw dairy in Lublin produces a variety of yoghurts, even the natural one is available in many versions. You will find more and less acidic yoghurts, dense, more like cottage cheese as well as the liquid versions, perfect for eating with a spoon. All of them were made of Polish milk from cows bred in the Lublin region, according to the old tradition but in a modern and equipped facility from the 21st century. The composition of these Krasnystaw delicacies is kept to a minimum, especially when it comes to natural yoghurt. They are based on milk, milk proteins and the addition of live yoghurt cultures Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus delbrueckii subspiecies bulgaricus. Thanks to this, they are pro-health products, suitable for people of all ages and very valuable.

Natural yoghurts rich in live bacteria cultures should be combined with fiber in the form of whole grain products. It is good to mix them with vegetables and fruits. Even meat marinates are prepared on the basis of natural yoghurt, e.g. in Indian or Greek cuisine.

Health benefits of natural yoghurt

For centuries, yoghurt has been credited with its regenerating and healing abilities. Although not many people know about the fact that natural yoghurts were once sold only in pharmacies. Today, they should become a must-have product in your daily diet. Scientists have been studying the effects of eating yoghurt on the human body and have come to very interesting conclusions. Eating one cup of yogurt a day reduces your risk of becoming ill from many serious diseases, including bowel cancer and colon cancer. If you eat a portion of yogurt every day the risk of lung cancer will drop by up to 20%. Medics also recommend eating yogurt before meals as it speeds up the metabolism. This is important information for obese and overweight consumers and for people who are concerned about cardiovascular disease. It should also be remembered that it has a beneficial effect on the intestines and the condition of the intestines has an impact not only on our general well-being but also on the increase of the body's immunity. Since plain yogurt contains beneficial bacteria there is no lactose in it. Even people who are sensitive to this typical component of milk can eat it. Live bacterial cultures are essential to life and those taking antibiotics have too few of them. During antibiotic therapy and up to 6 weeks after it, it is worth supplementing these deficiencies by consuming natural yoghurts.

Where can you buy Krasnystaw yoghurts?

Would you like to try Krasnystaw yoghurt? You can find them in fridges with dairy products in shops, supermarkets and wholesalers. Natural yoghurts from our offer are products in small cups of 150 grams, in a bucket, in bowls, Greek yoghurts with an additional portion of calcium and classic yoghurts. Perfect as a snack and addition to cold and hot dishes. We are also open to cooperation with shops, wholesalers and restaurants. We deliver OSM Krasnystaw products throughout the country.