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Powder cream

Powder cream is a product that has long been appreciated for its properties and beneficial effects on the body. The content of B vitamins, micro and macro elements, sodium and zinc means that the group of lovers of this exceptionally nutritious and tasty product is constantly growing. An affordable form of storage and a long shelf life encourage the use of the cream, especially when traveling.

Powdered cream improves the taste of coffee

Krasnystaw powder gives beverages a unique character, providing a whitening effect while improving the taste qualities such as: fullness, creaminess and texture. Perfect for preparing drinks such as coffee, tea, cappuccino or chocolate. Cream is also used in the food industry as a popular addition to ice cream, cakes and creams. Our cream powder guarantees full and quick solubility and a unique, creamy taste.

Benefits of powdered cream

Although powdered cream is a processed product it contains valuable vitamins and minerals, including vitamins E, D and K as well as B vitamins. It also has some amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Above all it is a product that has great taste and is well-preserved. It is a loose, fluffy powder with a white or cream color. The cream-powder has a sweet flavor with a distinct hint of cream. Powdered cream is bought first of all by food producers. It is a product that thickens sauces and creams, adds flavor to sweets and mixes well with fats and liquids. It is very durable and light, it can be stored in closed bags for a long time. Cream powder is also added to coffees. And not only for those served hot but above all for the coffee powder, which is used to make various types of coffee drinks. This makes the tasty mixtures for use at home and on the go. Many people decide to buy powdered cream in order to drink their favorite whitened coffee. This is the best way to enjoy a tasty coffee on the go, on the campsite or at home. OSM Krasnystaw is appreciated by producers of sweets and beverages but also by private customers.

Cream powder from OSM Krasnystaw

Do you produce sweets, cakes, creams, coffee drinks and other products that taste much better after adding cream powder? At OSM Krasnystaw we produce dairy products from milk from cows raised in the Lublin region, including powdered cream. We sell it in large packages that is why we address this offer in particular to industrial customers. The cream is sweet, aromatic, perfectly thickens and whitens liquid and semi-liquid products, improves the taste of food and can be stored for a long time. It is used by food producers and restaurants. We also recommend other products from our modern dairy plant: powdered milk, hard cheese, cottage cheese, cream, yoghurt, kefir. We produce all our specialties in a modern dairy but according to traditional, repeatedly proven recipes.

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  • Net weight 1 package.: 25 kg
  • Net weight of 1 pallet: 40 worków 25 kg / worek BIGBAG 1000 kg
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