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Skimmed Milk Powder

Skimmed milk powder is an excellent product used at home, in industry and also when traveling. It only contains milk. The fact that it is powdered is the result of the evaporation of water from cow's milk which we obtain at OSM Krasnystaw thanks to local farmers from the green areas of the Lublin region. It's tasty, has a long shelf life, lots of nutrients, and goes well with sweet desserts.

Skimmed milk powder in the kitchen

Skimmed milk powder can be used directly for consumption or as a semi-finished product for further processing in the food industry, e.g. when making ice cream or other sweets. In order to obtain a drink from powdered milk it is enough to mix it with water, preferably hot or simply warm. The drink will be white and slightly sweet like traditional bottled milk so you can add cocoa or other flavors to it. It also tastes great with real chocolate, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. It adds energy, improves mood and warms you up. Powdered milk is often used as a thickener for sweet desserts, cake creams, chocolate block, truffles, pralines, mousses. It is a dry product so it must be protected against moisture but it is stored very well and for a long time. The packaging of powdered milk is light and handy so this product is perfect for traveling. It is worth having it with you so that you can drink milk at any time at the campsite, at home, during a long flight, . Skimmed milk powder can be given to children. Those who are reluctant to drink traditional milk often enjoy it mixed with water. And it is worth remembering that the composition of powdered milk is simply plain cow's milk, so all drinks made from it are of a good nutrition value.

Advantages of skimmed milk powder

It is convenient to use, universal, but most of all it has qualities typical for milk. It is a source of protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins. It contains values from groups B, A, D, K. However, it must be remembered that it also has lactose, milk sugar and is quite caloric if we eat it in the form of a powder. However, it adds energy, strengthens it and tastes good.

Skimmed milk from OSM Krasnystaw

Ingredients of the highest quality, modern production standards and compliance with consumption standards have many times been appreciated on the international food market. That is why our skimmed milk powder goes to markets all over the world, mainly to the countries of Asia, Africa and the entire territory of the EU. OSM Krasnystaw is the combination of technology and traditional proven recipes. In addition to skimmed milk powder, we produce its full-fat version, as well as many other dairy products: hard cheese, cottage cheese, cream, natural, fruit, drinking and traditional yoghurts. You can find Krasnystaw dairy products in shops all over Poland, both in supermarkets and small local shops. We are happy to cooperate in the supply of dairy products from OSM Krasnystaw with wholesalers and chain stores, with restaurants and we encourage everyone interested in tasty products from Polish, cow's milk to contact our company by phone or e-mail.

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